Employment law

If you are looking for information regarding employment law in the UK, maybe this will help you. Employment legislation for those working covers many different aspects of employment. They can be different at each place of work especially when it has to do with grievance and discipline procedures, sickness and holiday pay, and leave. Below are some of the other employment legislation you may experience.

Extra information about employment law

Working hours - the time that employees work should not be in excess of the legal maximum hours. Employees should also be allowed time off, breaks, and some holidays. Workers are not supposed to work more than 48 hours a week. As far as paid holiday, employees should get 5.6 weeks of paid holiday.

Wage - the wage should not be less than the national minimum wage. The hourly rate for pay should be categorised by age. It is against the law to pay employees less than the NMW.

Safety and Health - the regulations that are put at work should ensure that the employee is working safely.

Public Interest Disclosure Act - gives protection to employees when they tell of something wrong that is going on in the organisation. When disclosing information, that person should not get into trouble.

Discrimination - all employees should be treated fairly. There should not be allowed any discrimination regarding employment decisions.

Parental rights - if there is an emergency a parent has the right to take a leave of absence. This is true for parental, adoption, maternity, and paternity cases.

Requests for flexible work - those who have a role for caring for dependents and children should be able to request a flexible work schedule. A employer has 3 months to respond to a employee's working request.

Work and immigration status - this is so that employers know that their employees have a right to work in the UK.

Checks - this is for those who need specific background information done on them. For example, it could be for those who work specifically with children in your organisation.

Data protection - an employee has the right to know what the employee is gathering about him or her. The employer also needs to comply with the legislation that is going on at the time of employment.

So as you can see, these are just some of the employment law that is in the UK that is there to help the employee and employer.